Belt Conveyor Systems

Belt conveyors have long been recognized as the reliable economical means for handling materials in small and large volumes over short and long distances.

The adoption of belt conveyors and integration of them with other engineered equipment enhances their usefulness. This can be seen in utilities, paper mills, aggregate quarries, cement plants and other heavy industry providing applications in industry with dependable economical transportation of bulk materials.

Belt Conveyors

Properly designed and constructed belt conveyor systems, operating under conditions recommended by MLG engineers: handle bulk material at the lowest cost per ton; delivers uniform volumes at high or low speed; low in power cost; low in maintenance cost; simple and reliable.

Belt conveyor systems have unlimited variations and combinations making unusual layouts practicable with belt width controlling the size of material conveyed.

The Montague Advantage

Backed by 60 combined years of experience, Montague Legacy Group offers reliable belt conveyors custom built to your specifications. Instead of attempting to conform a cookie-cutter conveyor system to your specific needs, our conveyor systems are specifically designed and engineered to perform in the manner that our customers require, ensuring maximum efficiency and utility. In addition, we install our conveyors on site and offer comprehensive inspection, maintenance and repair services to make sure your business stays running without skipping a beat. Request a quote or contact us today and we’ll begin developing a solution that’s right for you!

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Custom Belt Conveyor System

Customer Belt Conveyor System

Custom Belt Conveyor Manufacturing

Custom Belt Conveyor Manufacturing

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