Earth Minerals Conveying Systems

The harsh nature of earth minerals demands a reliable and heavy-duty solution. Whether you’re handling cement, lime, gypsum, coal or any other similar material, the hot, abrasive and aggressive nature of these bulk materials necessitates a well-designed conveying system.

Montague Legacy Group systems have high-quality earth moving conveyors to help transport the materials as efficiently as possible, doing so in a manner that contains dust and minimizes lifetime cost. In addition, a custom bulk handling conveyor will cater to the unique requirements of the material, environments, and the customer.

We Assist You From Start to Finish

At Montague Legacy Group, we will work with you to ensure every aspect of the system from the length to the takeup and idlers are configured to suit your specific needs. With decades of experience in custom-designing and manufacturing a wide variety of conveyors, we have the capabilities to provide the best solution possible.

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