Pulp and Paper Material Handling Conveyor Systems

Here at Montague Legacy Group, we manufacture durable material handling conveyors for the Pulp and Paper industry for applications involving raw wood, wood chips, wood pulp, recycled waste paper, and more.

The pulp and paper industry faces many challenges, among the biggest being the management of a wide variety of bulk materials that range in consistency and wetness. In addition, pulp and paper mills face a high risk of fires due to the nature of the material such as low bulk density and agglomerations. Any snag in the system, such as spillage, carryback or the belt comes off the track, can result in an increase in fire or other hazards. The plant must have proper control of the material as well as systems and procedures to maintain steady production at with decrease risk.

MLG will assess, design and build a system to help from the debarking, chipping, stack out and movement system all the way to the digesters that will reduce risk associated with pulp and paper without excessive maintenance.

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