Coal Handling Systems

Belt Conveyors in Thermal Power Plants

Many power plants and utilities depend upon coal handling facilities furnished by Montague. Coal Conveying Systems are a great way to transport a large amount of coal over very long distances. Our coal conveyors equipment can cut the cost of operations because of its low power consumption. For coal handling, it is best to install the equipment up to an inclination up to 20 degrees to the horizontal. It is also important to take into account the tons/hr which we can handle up to 2,000 tons/hr and it can be easily transferred through unlimited distances.

Advantages of Coal Conveyor Belts include:

  • Using our coal conveying systems is a cost effective way to transfer coal for medium and large capacity power plants
  • For users, we can provide an easy way to vary speeds for specific needs and applications
  • The repair and maintenance is very minimal
  • It is to remain flexible in different types of weather by easily installing overhead covers
  • The power consumption to carry coal is minimal compared with other conveyors

Systems for utilities are furnished to the highest standards of quality and dependability for operation on continuous schedules in receiving, storing, reclaiming, crushing, and delivering coal to pulverizers at the power plant.

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Coal Conveyors for Mining

Coal Conveyors for Mining

Coal Conveyor System

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