Coal Mining Material Handling Conveyor Systems

MLG is the leader in the development of a conveyor belt used for carrying coal, ores, and materials of the earth. Coal mining operations use conveyor systems extensively to move materials so you must be able to count on your mining equipment to work efficiently without unscheduled downtime. MLG can design and build an efficient, automated system for moving coal.

Coal Bulk Handling with Belt Conveyors

Belt conveyors are an efficient means of moving materials such as coal and proper free running of the system ensures that energy consumption is as low as possible. MLG utilizes enhancements such as reducing belt mass through the use of high-strength and low-mass reinforcement, as well as high-quality resistance rubber formulations that have high wear life.

Water Usage

Water usage on coal handling belt conveyors is minimal and is normally only used to suppress dust that helps with the operation of the belt cleaning systems. In coal applications, water is invariably used to clean away spilled material. Water usage can be minimized by directing the run-off into drains and recycling.

Cost Savings Over Time

MLG is a known leader in designing and manufacturing conveyor systems for the coal mining industry, as well as providing skilled, professional service for routine maintenance and equipment repairs on all conveyor systems. We focus on both underground and surface coal mining operations, making them run cleaner, safer, more efficient and, therefore, more profitable. We maximize your mine’s overall throughput, minimize waste and reduce energy consumption, eliminate excessive downtime for maintenance, and minimize the risk of explosion and inhalation.

MLG will assess, design and build a system to help move material more efficiently along conveyor systems and minimize carryback, heep downtime for maintenance and belt cleaning to a minimum, and reduce spillage and equipment damage by keeping conveyor belts aligned

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