Wood Chip Conveyor Systems

Montague Legacy Group a premier wood chip conveyor manufacturer that furnishes wood chip conveyor systems equipment for every phase of pulp and paper mill operations, including:

  • Ash Handling Conveyors
  • Log Handling Systems
  • Wood Handling Systems
  • Purchased Chip Installations
  • Woodrooms
  • Sludge Systems
  • Bark and Refuse Handling
  • Screening
  • Debarking and Chipping
  • Flumes and Dewatering
  • Chip and Pulp Handling
  • Boiler Fuel Systems
  • Lime and Limestone Handling
  • Upgrading and Slashing
  • Roundwood Systems

Ash Handling Conveyors

Ash handling is crucial in taking care of different types of ash residue left over from solid fuel combustion processes. Coarse ash material such as bottom ash is most often crushed in clinker grinders (crushers) prior to being transported in the ash conveyor system. Very finely sized fly ash often accounts for the major portion of the material conveyed in an ash handling system. It is collected from baghouse type dust collectors, electrostatic precipitators and other apparatus in the flue gas processing stream.

Types of Ash Resulting From Wood Combustion include:

  • Bottom Ash
  • Bed Ash
  • Fly Ash
  • Ash Clinkers

Log Handling Systems

Types of Log Handling Systems include:

  • Log intake conveyors
  • Unscrambler conveyors
  • Slasher conveyors
  • GentleFeed
  • Deicing Systems
  • Washing systems
  • Log splitters

Our systems and equipment were designed and furnished to paper mill standards of ruggedness and dependability. Montague has furnished conveyor systems throughout the U.S., including those where climatic conditions dictate unique design requirements.

Wood Chip Conveyor System

Wood Chip Conveyor System

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