Hydraulic Truck Dumpers & Truck Tippers

Montague Legacy Group is dedicated to building out the highest quality, state-of-the-art hydraulic truck dumpers that are able to accommodate both standard and customized trailer lengths without having to unhook the tractor cab unit. Truck dumpers provide faster cycle time between projects due to backup loading capabilities for bulk handling in a variety of industries. Our expert engineers have the experience to determineĀ length, tilt angle, and framing needed for each custom manufactured truck dumper.Ā 

Truck Dumper Material Handling

Our line of truck dumpers and tippers are a convenient option for unloading a variety of materials, including:

  • Wood Chips
  • Bark
  • Sawdust
  • Biomass

Our truck tippers and dumpers can also be found in paper mills, biomass, energy wastes, and recycling facilities, to name a few. For more efficient unloading capabilities, Montague's custom truck dumpers and tippers are equipped with additional hoppers and reclaiming systems.

Custom Truck Dumper Features

The team at Montague Legacy Group has the industry experience and capabilities to produce custom truck and trailer tippers and dumpers for various location and industry needs. Whether your project is above ground, requires field welding, or a specific load per hour, our engineers can create the most efficient truck tipping system. Not sure which type of hydraulics to be incorporated into your structure, trust Montague Legacy Group to find the perfect fit. Our custom features and specifications include:

  • Permanent Installations
  • Customized Tractor and Trailer Lengths
  • Custom Tilt Angle Requirements
  • Custom Hydraulic Components

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