Tubular Gallery Conveyors

Tubular conveyor galleries, also known as air supported belt conveyors, are a large, elevated tubular structure built to enclose a troughed conveyor system. This structure is typically at least 3 feet in diameter and will be used to pass over highways or rivers. Cement, fuel, grain, and coal are all common materials used with a tubular belt conveyor, as the design isolates the product from its environment. As such, power, construction, agriculture and ship loading are all industries that often use tubular galleries to transport their materials.

Truss Conveyor

We custom make various types of truss conveyors to move bulk material. There are many options and features to fit your application from hourly capacities, frames with different depths, curvature, belt widths, belt length and much more. We also offer options to add belt scrapers, walkways and service platforms, belt covers, gravity take ups, discharge chutes and much more. Here are some examples of types of custom truss conveyors to meet your needs include:

  • Deep truss with gravity take up
  • Truss tripper add on with magnet support
  • Curved over truss conveyor
  • Curved under truss conveyor
  • Tunnel feed conveyor
  • Heavy duty truss with dual walkway

Tubular Conveyor Galleries vs Truss Conveyors

Tubular galleries are much more complete assemblies, sometimes featuring water and air piping, as well as venting and lights. Tubular gallery conveyors are also usually built and assembled before being shipped to the site in complete sections, reducing the time, labor and cost that it takes to get the tubular belt conveyor up and running. In addition to saving time and money, tubular belt conveyors are more durable and less susceptible to corrosion than truss conveyors.

Montague custom builds conveyor systems to suit the specific needs of our clients. Contact us today and we can begin developing a solution that perfectly suits your application!

Tubular Conveyor System

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