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Belt feeders are essentially short belt conveyors, used for handling fairly light, fine, abrasive, free flowing materials. The rate can be controlled by an adjustable gate and/or by varying the belt speed. These units are typically placed under storage facilities such as silos, surge hoppers, load hoppers, etc. and may be operated horizontal or on an incline to save headroom. Belt width is governed by the material size and required tons per hour.

Montague legacy Group manufactures belt feeders that can be designed to withstand the rugged use of aggregate conveying with benefits that include:

  • High efficiency
  • Extended operational life
  • Easy installations with current material handling set-up

You can find our belt feeders in various industries applications including

  • Mining
  • Power Generation
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Coal
  • Ore
  • & More

Coal & Ore Handling

A belt feeder conveyor is often used for handling materials like coal and ore, providing service to industries such as mining and power generation. A belt feeder conveyor proves ideal in low-headroom situations common to mining and provides continuous automatic handling of bulk materials in a manner that is both gentle and economical. In addition to being engineered for long life and rugged use, our belt conveyors are custom manufactured and designed with adjustable belt speed for maximum efficiency. At Montague Legacy Group, we build our material handling systems custom to our customers’ needs, so you can rest assured that the system we develop will suit your specific application. Contact us today and we can begin engineering the right solution for you!

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Custom Belt Feeders

Belt Feeder Conveyor

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