Perlite & Vermiculite Handling Equipment

Perlite, a volcanic glass, and vermiculite, a hydrous mineral, are two naturally formed minerals that are mined for a variety of commercial purposes. They are mined in the US and the most common use for these two materials is soil conditioning, though they are also used for applications such as insulation and filtration.

Bulk material handling systems have proven to be both faster and less labor intensive than other means of transport, but these two minerals have unique characteristics that necessitate special care and attention when handling. The very low density and abrasive nature of Perlite, for instance, calls for unique management and can lead to severe equipment damage if not managed properly. This is where we step in – we will create a custom material handling system that not only takes properties such as these into account, but will also take into account the unique requirements of your application.

Whether you need a system to help unload raw ore or to transport the highly fragile expanded material, Montague Legacy Group has both the experience and knowledge to create a system that is perfectly suited to your needs. Contact us today to learn more about what we can offer you!

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