Biomass Conveyor Systems

Biomass is quickly gaining popularity as a fuel source, largely as a means of reducing CO2 emissions. Biomass has unique characteristics, however, that make it difficult to handle.

Difficulties with Handling Biomass

It's flammable, packs and knits together, doesn’t flow well and can freeze. It’s also dusty, quick to consolidate, and has a great deal of variation in its moisture content and texture. These unique qualities call for a unique solution that specifically caters to the needs of the material and the user, making a custom material handling system ideal.

Biomass for Power Generation

Biomass is used in several different ways to produce power. Most often, you find that power plants choose the method of direct combustion. By taking agricultural waste and other burnable materials, the plant burners them and captures the release energy. Other biomass methods include gasification, pyrolysis, and anaerobic digestion. Different methods work with different types of biomass. The common feature is they all need a steady supply from the storage of staging unit of the material into the production area. This has to be done safely and work for a variety of material at the same time The plants biggest significant reason for downtime is due to problems handling the material into the production areas.

A well designed conveyor system will take into account the variability of the material and provide the consistent and reliable flow that is crucial to power generation.

Biomass Conveyor Systems Solutions

With 60 years of combined experience in custom developing conveyors, Montague has the expertise and capabilities necessary to tackle the unique requirements of this material. We will not only build a system to perfectly suit your distinct application, but we will also install the conveyor and offer comprehensive inspection, maintenance and repair services to ensure things continue running uninterrupted. Contact us today and we’ll begin developing a solution that’s perfect for you!

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