Lime Handling Systems

Lime is an odorless caustic solid that consists of a combination of a calcium and magnesium oxide, prized for its high melting point. Widely utilized for centuries in both the old and new world, lime has found use in a wide variety of applications - particularly in aggregate quantities for the construction industry.

Challenges with Lime Handling Systems

Due to the unique characteristics of lime, there are a number of important considerations to bear when conveying the material. Care must be taken to avert hazardous material leakage, eliminate outside contamination that could result in heat generation, and prevent equipment damage due to the material's abrasive nature. There are a number of other process-halting issues unique to the material as well, such as its tendency to "rat hole", pack, smear, and stick to the walls of its container when hydrated.

At Montague, we have the expertise to take these considerations into account when building a custom material handling system for you. In addition, we offer extensive secondary services such as installation, inspection, and repair to ensure that your system is up and running as quickly as possible, and continues to operate efficiently.

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