Gypsum Conveyor Systems

Montague Legacy Group designs and manufacturers gypsum conveyor systems. Gypsum is the most common hydrated sulfate mineral that can be found among the sedimentary layers of the sea bed. It is made up of calcium sulfate dehydrate (CaSO42H2O) and produced from underground and open-cast mines. While gypsum is most often used to remove fines like mudstones, and used in lake management, gypsum is used in a variety of other industries as well.

Other uses for Gypsum:

  • Fertilizer
  • Finishing walls and ceilings in board form
  • Concrete blocks for the construction industry
  • Casting molds, modeling and in surgical splints

 As with other materials, there are special considerations to bear in mind when handling Gypsum that significantly limit the usefulness of a standard, one-size-fits-all system. The biggest factor is that Gypsum is not a free-flowing material, leading to problematic bunching and sticking.

Backed with a long history of hands-on industry experience, Montague will take these considerations in mind as well as the requirements of your unique application when we develop a custom material handling system for you. Contact us today and we can create a custom solution that is built from the ground up to suit your unique needs!

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