Soil & Dirt Conveyor Systems

Construction Excavation Systems

When excavating land to build sub-surface structures like parking garages, prepare foundations or even create road beds, you often find that removal of the soil require state-of-art equipment that is efficient and heavy duty. This process of moving dirt and soil from one point to another is never as simple as it seems. The efficiency of the process used will dictate whether budgets and deadlines are on construction projects met.

Gravel Conveyor Systems

We manufacture belt conveyors for gravel transport and material handling. You will often find a gravel conveyor and industrial equipment being used in mineral industries and gravel pits. 

Custom Soil Conveyor Systems

Soil and dirt are heavy and will often need to be separated into fill dirt and topsoil, and then moved accordingly. Our top of the line systems not only allow you to move dirt from one place to another but accurately separate the different minerals and organic matter within the soil. By separating this accurately, you can move the dirt in lighter loads to the correct dumping or storage facility (in the case of fill dirt). In addition, using improper equipment can lead to malfunction and costly downtime. Due to these factors, Montague Legacy Group was born to take care of the customer needs.

Montague will build a conveyor system that will take into account both the unique characteristics of soil and the unique needs of your application. Custom material handling systems are our specialty, and with decades of industry experience, you can rest assured that the system you get will be perfectly suited to your requirements. Contact us today and we can began developing the right solution for you!

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